Will Power. Won't Work.

Will Power. Won't Work.
Photo by Ethan Elisara / Unsplash

Feeling stuck and can’t “will” your way out of it?

You’re likely going about it all wrong.

👇🏼 Try this instead...


I came across a great NYT article (link in the comments) from Brad Stulberg about getting unstuck.  Here are my top takeaways:

The best way to feel motivated and get unstuck is to take “behavioral action.”
This is NOT about thinking positive thoughts.

The more you try to change how you feel, the more stuck you will become.
Sometimes you cannot control your thoughts and feelings.

The challenge:
-mustering the energy to create action (make a call, take a walk, send that text).

The mindset shift:
-take your feelings with you and START.

How to begin:
-focus on what’s most important to you
-define what ACTION will give you the spark you need
-now move

When you don’t feel like starting, start anyway.  See what happens.


I’ve shared many times:  Thoughts → Feelings → Behavior

So it would make sense that to create the behaviors we want, we need to change our thoughts.  

Sometimes this isn’t enough.

Next time you’re feeling stuck and you can’t think your way out of it:

Take action.  

Your feelings can come along for the ride.

✌🏼 Jeff