The Trouble With Sticky Notes

The Trouble With Sticky Notes
Photo by Paper Textures / Unsplash

You've been using sticky notes wrong your entire life.

That's okay, there's an easy fix.


You know that feeling when you've been doing something wrong your entire life and then someone shows you how to do it correctly?




It's that Aha! moment.

That's what I love about leadership.

The best leaders help people find their Aha! moments.

Leadership is an ACTION, not a title.

Leaders remove the barriers and mental blocks that prevent others from clearly seeing the solution.

Most people already know the answers to the questions with which they are struggling.

They simply need a little help getting there.

If you're a leader - how much time do you spend helping people find their Aha! moment?

Oh, as for how to properly use sticky notes - check out this video.

I tried it and it actually works!

🗒 Jeff