The Domestique Project

In road bicycle racing, a domestique [doh-mes-teek] is a rider who works for the benefit of their team and leader, rather than trying to win the race.

In French, domestique translates as "servant.”

The Domestique Project is a one-to-one email-based personal accountability program for busy professionals.

I will help you create consistent, tiny, actionable habits every week that will move you towards your objective(s). This is a no-nonsense, no-frills, get-right-to-it, results-based program.

I am your personal accountability domestique.

The American Society of Training and Development conducted a study to better understand what factors improve one's ability to successfully reach a goal.

The likelihood of reaching a goal when:

  • You have an idea or goal: 10%
  • You consciously decide that you will do it: 25%
  • You decide when you will do it: 40%
  • You plan how to do it: 50%
  • You commit to someone that you will do it: 65%
  • You have a specific accountability appointment with a person to whom you've committed: 95%

By having scheduled accountability with someone you increase your chances of success by a whopping 850% !!

👋 Hi, I’m Jeff Raab

With more than 26 years of business experience, I've had the opportunity to build companies both as a solopreneur and as part of a team.

I've worked with coaches, C-Suite executives, senior leaders, founders, creators, and solopreneurs.

I’ve implemented business systems like EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System), Scaling Up, and OKRs (Objectives and Key Results).

Systems and frameworks are a proven foundation for success.  This program is no different.

Since 2017, I’ve shifted my focus and energy from business to developing people with one goal in mind - maximizing their impact and helping them achieve outcomes that matter.

And that is the goal of The Domestique Project - to help you achieve outcomes that matter to YOU.

Have an impossible goal?  Great!  Bring it on.

This is YOUR race.  I’m here to support you, encourage you, help you ignore the noise, and keep you moving forward to ensure you cross your finish line.

Weekly Accountability

Here is what you can expect when you join The Domestique Project:

In our first email, we’ll establish your iOKRs (individual Objective and Key Results.)

Objective:  what do you want to achieve?
Key Results:  what does success look like?

Every Friday thereafter, you’ll get a weekly check-in email from me for the duration of the program.

Your weekly check-ins will drive your Key Results.

Each email will ask you three questions:

  1. What did you accomplish last week? (this is your PROGRESS)
  2. What are you going to do this week? (these are your PLANS)
  3. Where are you stuck? (these are your PROBLEMS)

Your commitment?  Reply every week to the email.  The entire exercise need not take more than 10-15 minutes.  That’s it.

You’re focused on progress over perfection.

Each week is an opportunity to stretch and grow into your future self.

I personally respond to every message (usually by Monday or Tuesday of the following week) and when necessary, we'll jump on a call.

So how much does this cost?

I would easily pay someone $50/week to keep me on track and check-in with a weekly accountability email.

Consistently getting work done is worth so much more than that to me.

Putting a system in place that delivers a 95% success rate?  That's priceless.

$50 X 13 Weeks = $650 per quarter.  Seems reasonable, right?

You can join this program right now for $399 per quarter, or $599 for 6 months (a 25% discount).

Why so cheap?  

I want you to make a choice and commit.  Money shouldn't be a limiting factor to your success.  Would you invest $3 to $4 per day to have a 95% success rate at achieving your goals?  All-day, every day.

What's the cost of inaction?  Thousands?  Tens of thousands?  Your health?  Your happiness?

I'm ALL IN if you are.

Are you ALL IN?

If you're ready and willing to put in the effort then LET'S GO!

Smash the button below to Get Started.

Your first check-in arrives on Friday.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you really writing, reading, & responding to these emails?

Absolutely, 100%, Yes. It’s really me. I personally send and respond to all emails myself. This is a no-frills, no B.S. program. Nothing fancy. Only work.

Can I cancel if this isn’t for me?

There are no refunds.  If you wish to exit the program early simply email and we'll make sure the emails stop.

Does this really work?

In short, if you do the work, yes.  Committing to someone that you will achieve your goal ups your probability of actually doing it to 65%.  Having ongoing accountability interactions with people you’ve committed to increases your odds to a whopping 95%.