Does Practice Make Perfect?

Does Practice Make Perfect?
Photo by Lucas Alexander / Unsplash

My middle school music teacher loved asking his students the following question:

Does practice make perfect? 🎵

Of course everyone always answered with an emphatic YES!

He would smirk and say:

“Wrong! Perfect practice makes perfect.”


As a young musician, learning how to play an instrument was hard.

My parents can attest to the years of unspeakable wailing sounds coming from the basement (I played the trombone).

Had I really believed practice needed to be perfect - I would have quit.

It was never about being perfect.

It was about making progress.

Progress > Perfect

Obsession with ‘perfect’ leads to a fear of failure.

Fear of failure prevents us from trying new things.

“If you’re not failing, you’re not trying hard enough.”

Keep trying. Practice.

When you do, you’re either (W)inning or you’re (L)earning.

Practice + Learning = Progress

Progress > Perfect