Doc Rivers: Rules for Life

Doc Rivers: Rules for Life
Photo by Markus Spiske / Unsplash

🏀 Doc Rivers: Five Rules for Life

Rule #1 - Finish the Race

In life or in business are you playing the game to “finish the race” or are you setting and chasing unrealistic goals? When you decide on your path stay focused and finish the race.

Rule #2 - Don’t Be a Victim

If you want to be at the top of your game, hard work is a given. Life isn’t fair, and everyone doesn’t play by the rules. Suit up, show up and show out. Never play the role of a victim.

Rule #3 - Ubuntu is a Way of Life

Nelson Mandela describes Ubuntu this way: “a traveller through our country would stop at a village. He didn’t need to stop and ask for food and water. Once he stops, the people bring him food and a table.”

Culture is everything.

Rule #4 - Pressure is a Privilege

Why are we playing the game? Why do we do what we do? To have the opportunity to do something great, like play for a championship, or build a business is a privilege. And so is the pressure that comes along with it.

Rule #5 - Champions Keep Moving Forward

Champions take hit after hit and overcome. In an NBA Finals game against the Lakers, the Celtics found themselves in a 24-point hole. The way out? Doc suggested cutting a 24 point lead by 5-6 points at a time. When they cut it to 2, Jack Nicholson said “we are dead men walking.”  


"I’m not going to coach you to who you are, I’m going to coach you to who you should be someday." - Doc Rivers

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