Are you ALL IN?

Are you ALL IN?
Photo by Brett Jordan / Unsplash

Are you ALL IN?

Are you sure?

When we set our course for something new we’re excited at the prospects of achieving the outcome.

Losing 10 pounds
Completing a triathlon
Starting a side hustle
Learning to play the guitar

We’re often inspired by a story or a friend who accomplished something amazing and we believe that anything is possible.

We can see the future version of ourselves; how we will look and how we will feel.


The loftier the goal, the longer it may take to achieve it.

So we begin.

And often something happens.

Results don’t suddenly appear.
We begin to suffer or feel pain.
Self-doubt takes over our mind.
We stop.

That’s where commitment comes in.

Here’s how to think about it:

motivation = desire, drive

commitment = determination, dedication

Commitment will keep you moving.

Commitment shows up when motivation is lacking.

Connect to your WHY and let motivation and commitment carry you there.

Are you ALL IN?

Stay on the bike,
🚴‍♂️ Jeff